Arturo Pérez-Reverte

Biographical note

Arturo Pérez-Reverte was born on 25 November 1951 in Cartagena, a Spanish city located in the Region of Murcia. He was brought up in a family with naval traditions. He’s been a passionate reader since childhood and his first literary discoveries, which became his inspiration later on, were works by Alexander Dumas, Joseph Conrad and Robert L. Stevenson.

He studied Politics Studies and Journalism and in 1973 he began his professional career in a Madrid daily ‘Pueblo’ where he’s worked for twelve years. The following nine years he devoted to working for a Spanish TV. He also used to work as a war correspondent (1973-1994). He traveled to various countries witnessing warfare and risking his own life and health, which had a huge impact on his literary work.

In the 90’s he had a radio programme called La ley de la calle whose main purpose was to present the world of law and crime.

What is more, he worked for one of the Spanish reality shows, Código uno. However, he regrets taking up this job, since gaining audience through showing more and more people’s personal tragedies and cruelty was against his set of values.

Since 1991 he’s been writing for ‘XLSemanal’. In his articles  he comments on politics, literature as well as daily issues which are of vast importance for Spanish citizens.

List of works

Captain Alatriste novels

1. El capitán Alatriste (1996; tr: Captain Alatriste)

2. Limpieza de sangre (1997; tr: Purity of Blood)

3. El sol de Breda (1998; tr: The Sun over Breda)

4. El oro del rey (2000; tr: The King’s Gold)

5. El caballero del jubón amarillo (2003; tr: The Man in the Yellow Doublet)

6. Corsarios de Levante (2006)                                           

7. El puente de los Asesinos (2011).

Other novels

1. El húsar (1986)

2. El maestro de esgrima (1988; tr: The Fencing Master)

3. La tabla de Flandes (1990; tr: The Flanders Panel)

4. El club Dumas or La sombra de Richelieu (1993; tr: The Club Dumas)

5. La sombra del águila (1993)

6. Territorio comanche (1994)

7. La piel del tambor (1995; tr: The Seville Communion)

8. Un asunto de honor (1995)

9. La carta esférica (2000; tr: The Nautical Chart)

10. La Reina del Sur (2002; tr: The Queen of the South)

11. Cabo Trafalgar (2004; tr: Cape Trafalgar)

12. El pintor de batallas (2006; tr: The Painter of Battles)

13. Un día de cólera (2007)

14. Ojos azules (2009)

15. El Asedio (2009)


1. Obra breve (1995)

2. Patente de corso (1998)

3. Con ánimo de ofender (2001)

4. No me cogeréis vivo (2005)

5. Cuando éramos honrados mercenarios (2009)


Arturo Pérez-Reverte Online   

Site (English)

Site (Spanish)



2 thoughts on “Arturo Pérez-Reverte

  1. louise says:

    can someone give me their opinion on the character the developement and a summary of ‘ojos azules’ please.

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