Elizabeth Kostova

  Biographical note

Elizabeth Kostova was born on December 26, 1964 in New    London, Connecticut and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. She graduated from Yale University as well as received Master of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan. She is married to a Bulgarian scholar.

Kostova’s interest in books began quite early. Her mother, a librarian, took her and her siblings to the public library where they were allowed to check out diverse books. They even had a special shelf for the books of their choice.

In 1989 Elizabeth and her friends traveled to Eastern Europe in order to study local musical customs.
In 1994, when the idea for ‘The Historian’ came to her mind, she was teaching English as a second language, creative writing and composition classes at universities in Philadelphia. Then she moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where she finished writing the novel.

In May 2007 the Elizabeth Kostova Fooundation was created. The organisation supports Bulgarian creative writing, the translation of contemporary Bulgarian literature into English and friendship between Bulgarian and American and British authors.

List of works

1. The Historian (2005)

2. The Swan Thieves (2010)

Elizabeth Kostova online



Elizabeth Kostova Foundation


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